Did you know that every single thought you have throughout your day is a thing, with a potentially negative or positive charge attached to it?  If you are unaware of what charges you are releasing through your thoughts, then you don’t know what charges you are attracting into your life either.  Taking time to reflect on yourself and your life is crucial for identifying what thoughts keep circulating in your mind.  If you feel good about certain aspects of your life you will notice that you feel good when you think about those aspects. You can identify where you need to change limiting beliefs by noticing what your negative thoughts are about. When we change negative thoughts into positive, empowering ones, we raise our vibration.  Be mindful of your thoughts throughout the day and notice when you feel angry, frustrated, or fearful.  Examine the thought as an impassionate observer.  Realize you are in control of your thoughts and become the master of them not a slave to them. Flip the switch to coherent, positive thought frequencies.

I love Gregg Braden’s vision for our future in The Resilience of the Heart:   I see a world where we’ve raised the standard of living for everyone, rather than lowering it for many in order to support only a few.  I see a world where the differences in the color of our skin and the religion we believe in are obsolete and using the threat of war to solve our problems no longer makes any sense.  I see a world where our love of cooperation is greater than the fear that drives us apart.  And I see the shift in thinking that makes each of these things possible.

It’s all about flipping your switch. Are you willing to try?