‘Tis the time of year to make those new year’s resolutions!  I’ve always loved this time of year as it symbolizes new beginnings and I feel excited thinking of all the possibilities in store for my future.  As we reflect on the trials and tribulations that marked 2020, I know one thing for sure, we have grown as individuals and as a community.  That growth may not have been altogether pleasant, but like the chrysalis turning into a butterfly, pain or discomfort is necessary for our transformation into more loving humans.  I feel confident that 2021 will bring an abundance of happiness and joy for all.

Traditionally, we think of giving things up for our resolutions; however, I have found that adding positive changes to my life is easier and more sustainable in the long run.  For instance, in years past I would focus on eliminating unhealthy habits or behaviors.  This would be met with limited success, usually enduring the month of January.  But for the last few years, I have focused on adding healthy habits and behaviors each new year and these changes have stuck.  I added a regular meditation practice four years ago and have continued to this day because of the tremendous difference it has made in bringing mindfulness into my life.  I also trained myself to begin the day, from the minute my eyes open, with an appreciation of things I am grateful for.  These small additions to my routine have become new positive habits for me which, in the long run, have made more of a difference than my futile attempts at eliminating things from my life.

This year I challenge you to add some positive changes to your routine and make these your new habit.  It can be adding exercise, starting a gratitude journal, begin or deepen your meditation practice, adding healthier food options to your diet, or just be kinder.

As the saying goes, ‘Kindness is free, spread that sh*t everywhere!’

Happy New Year!!