‘When you intentionally make the expression of love a part of your daily practice – that is feeling, receiving, and giving love – not only do you boost your immune system, but you begin to understand that the more you feel love, the more you become love, and when you become the embodiment of love, you can change the world.’   Dr. Joe Dispenza

I love this quote; it really sums up life.  Each day we wake up we have a choice.  We can choose to judge and complain about all the things that aren’t going our way or we can choose to see the grace and goodness in each person and in every situation we encounter.

This sounds so easy but in reality, it takes a considerable amount of inner work.  It takes practice to stop the negative talk, both to yourself and to others.  It takes practice to remember that everyone is going through their stuff, no one wants to be judged, and that we are all exactly where we need to be on our paths.  It takes work to remain calm and peaceful inside when there is so much turmoil outside.  But the great thing about this practice is, the more you do it the easier it gets!  The more I practice compassion for those who annoy me, the less annoyed I feel inside.

Inner peace cannot be bestowed upon anyone nor is it dependent upon anyone, it is a solo affair.  The true beauty of this work is that it not only benefits you, the world will also reap the benefits of your practice because you will be helping to raise the vibration of the planet!