Spring has sprung!  The flowers are blooming, the bees are buzzing, and humans are cleaning.  This is a great time to remember that your environment (outer world) reflects your mental state (inner world).  A clean organized living space indicates a neat and orderly mindset.  An unkempt mess reflects a state of disorder in your head.  As we begin to freshen our homes with spring cleaning, keep in mind that not only do our living environments need freshening, but so do our bodies, minds, and souls.

Living in and with joy is our birthright, therefore, the easiest way to give yourself a physical, mental, and spiritual overhaul is to pause and reflect on those areas of your life that you are not finding joy.  As your attention is drawn to these situations, remind yourself of a few tips that will help to tidy and organize your inner and outer worlds:

  • Spend at least five to ten minutes a day in solitude meditating. This allows you to slow down and listen to the wisdom of your body/mind/soul.
  • Feed your body nourishing, fresh food every day.
  • Spend a few minutes outside communing with nature and appreciating the beauty around you.
  • Move your body in any way that brings you joy.
  • Remember that every choice you make either contributes to your well-being, or not. Choose wisely.

Small changes to your routine can bring huge mental and physical rewards.  Nothing changes without you changing.  The irony is that the more you work on yourself to make positive changes, the more the circumstances in your life will begin to alter to reflect those changes.  But don’t just take my word on it, try it yourself!  Experience is the best teacher!