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Here’s what Heather’s students are saying…

Very informative!

Very informative! At last a class that the lessons can be used immediately on my clients.


Perfect course!

This course was perfect for me because it adds to modalities I am currently practicing. I can begin using these stretches immediately.


Thorough instruction!

I loved the thorough description of the stretches and that she took the right amount of time to make sure we knew how to properly execute them.


My first CE class!

This was my first CE class. I loved it!


New techniques and modalities keeps things fresh!

It was actually refreshing to take your classes.  I felt like I was starting to get bored with Massage, but you reminded me and taught me new techniques and modalities to keep things FRESH!

~ Darryl

Comfortable, relaxed class…

I have never felt more comfortable, relaxed, or enjoyed a hands-on class more in the 8 yrs I’ve been doing massage as I did with your class.  Thank you!

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