Let’s play a thought game.  Imagine for a minute what your perfect life would look like if time, money, and current circumstances were of no consequence.  Create a picture in your mind.  Include as many details as you can.  Better yet, take it to pen and paper and write out in great detail what YOUR perfect life situation/movie would be right now if absolutely nothing were holding you back.  Be as creative as you can and include everything that brings you joy.  Now for the most important part of this game, imagine how you would feel to be living that life.  This is the secret ingredient:  To generate and hold the feelings of the life you want as if it were already happening.

Want to change something in your life?  Change your thoughts and perspective about it, then effortlessly and subtly your reality will respond to those changes.  Don’t worry about doing anything; get your brain out of it.  Just practice sitting quietly, imagining your perfect life, and feel the feelings.

We can create anything, become anyone, or have anything we’d like if we would only stop sabotaging ourselves with self-limiting beliefs. This creates a contracted reality.  Expand your beliefs and watch your reality change.  Take inventory of the things that are working in your life and the things that aren’t.  Make the necessary adjustments.  Step out of your comfort zone.  But most importantly remember, the sky’s the limit when it comes to imagining your perfect life.  Dream big!