Do you give much thought to the world of energy that is YOU and that flows through YOU?  Probably not, if you’re like most people.  Fortunately for us, scientists like Einstein did and he discovered that energy and matter are two sides of the same coin, as indicated with his famous equation E=mc², Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared.  You cannot have one without the other.  On one side of the coin, our energetic world includes a wide array of vibrations and frequencies, most of which we can’t even detect with our senses.  On the other side is the material world that scientists have spent centuries dissecting, looking for smaller and smaller particles of matter to unlock the mysteries of our universe.  The visible universe seems to have gotten all the attention.  But what if we’ve been placing our focus on the wrong side of the coin?

Strange discoveries, such as quantum entanglement and wave-particle duality, are indicating that matter is NOT fundamental like we’ve been taught for ages.  It turns out that the one thing science can’t study objectively, hence see or detect with instruments, is the one thing that is necessary for matter to exist:  Consciousness.  But consciousness isn’t made of matter, therefore, it hasn’t been given its due consideration in solving the universal mysteries.  This is a problem for scientists who thought they’d find all the answers in the material world.

Consciousness can be described in two ways; small c consciousness and big C Consciousness.  Small c consciousness is awareness of yourself and your surroundings.  Big C Consciousness is a state of being aware of yourself being aware.  It is that part of us that is the observer.  It has no ego, no stories, no preferences.  It is our essence and the thing that animates us.  When we meditate we tap into the big C, this seat of Consciousness, and we can use this unseen energy/information to consciously create our lives.  It is designed to flow freely through our physical bodies.  Problems arise when this energy gets blocked by attaching ourselves too strongly to our egos, our stories, and our preferences.

A flow-based life focuses on the energy side of the coin.  We are living a flow-based life when we are able to tune into the wisdom/information this energy holds.  Athletes, artists, and all those who follow their passions, we describe as being in their flow because they are completely immersed in the present moment, creating from this field of unlimited potential energy.

So how can you find this flow?  You can’t hear the messages from your heart when you are constantly paying attention to the noises created by your head, so it is absolutely necessary to be still, quiet your mind from its incessant chatter, and listen to what your heart desires.  The more you can do this, the more you will be living in the flow.  It’s that simple.