We all spin stories about our lives.  We pick a narrative and run with it.  Stories help us make sense of our lives and give them meaning.  Over time we repeat these stories to others so that they become a kind of default trailer of your life which resides in your subconscious.

The problem comes when you pick a narrative that doesn’t serve your highest good.  For instance, take a common story such as ‘I am a victim and all this bad stuff is happening to me’.  The details will vary but the underlying message of your story is that you do not have control and are subject to the whims of the stories of those around you.  But what if this is not true?

It may have never occurred to you, but you have the ability to re-write your story.  Each story contains one perspective of a series of events.  To change your story, simply change that perspective.  Choose to look at your story differently, with a different set of eyes.

Be especially careful if your story contains judgments of others.  A healthy personal story that serves your highest good is concerned only with your facts, observations, and feelings, not a running commentary on how you would prefer other people and things to be.

From the story of victimhood can come a story of empowerment.  It is a choice to see the silver lining in life’s lessons.  As the famous writer Maya Angelou was fond of saying, “When you know better, you do better.”  Your story can be changed.