Consciousness is the key to understanding our reality. It serves as a link between our inner and outer worlds. It allows us to gather information about ourselves and our surroundings and then feeds that information back to itself. We are aware of ourselves being aware. Plants, creatures, and the earth are also aware but not at the level of our awareness.  We have sufficiently organized ourselves to master technologies that have helped us evolve into the information age but we have also developed many self-destructive tendencies that have permanently changed this planet. Nevertheless, this feedback/feedforward loop of information exchange leads to increasing complexity and this leads to increased self-awareness. Thus, the universe cleverly learns about itself, from itself, through self-observation. It is because of this loop of consciousness that you have the innate ability to become aware that you are dreaming yourself into existence. The dreamer has control of the dream because he/she is creating the dream.

It takes a minute to wrap your head around this because the implications demand a new paradigm, one where we have broken free from the stories that disempower us. One where we have the freedom to create heaven on earth here and now by following our hearts and intuitions. Imagine what will happen to humanity when we wake up and realize that this is all just a dream of our making and that we have creative license to experience whatever we fancy, individually and collectively. We are powerful, conscious creators who got tricked into believing that power comes from outside ourselves. True authentic power comes from realizing that you are the creator of your reality and then taking responsibility for your creations. You are the dreamer and you are the dream.